Demo Reel 2016

Demo Reel 2016 is now up on Soundcloud. This demo reel contains music from my most recent projects, including work with The Sound Department, freelance and personal projects. Enjoy!

Final Approach Score Now on Soundcloud

I’m glad to announce that you can now listen to The Sound Department’s score for Phaserlock’s VR title, Final Approach, on Soundcloud. The game was scored by Randy Buck, Brian Douglas Ferguson and myself, all within March of 2016. Brian provided the Baggage Conveyor Belt music for the Metro Airport, while Randy composed the Metro …

Phaser Lock “Final Approach”

I am happy to announce that I contributed music under The Sound Department to Phaser Lock Interactive’s new game, Final Approach, which was released on Steam for the HTC Vive and Occulus. Check it out here:

“Mother’s Recipe” Internet Commercial

An internet commercial I scored for in collaboration with EPYX Productions has been released. Please give it a watch! I’ve been working with Disspong Sampattavanich of EPYX Productions for the past two months on various versions of this internet commercial, which has been an interesting process with a fair amount of focus on many …