Piano Works: Volume 1

I have just released Piano Works: Volume 1 onto Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Piano Works: Volume 1 encompasses a body of work that I have been writing for years. Each and every composition on this album has held a special place in my heart at a particular point in my life, with the endeavor of portraying a story.

As a composer that did not have a traditional education in music, these pieces of music were my attempts to hone my own composing skills, learning when to hold back and allow the piano to make an impression simply with a pause, as well as when it would be appropriate to let a flurry of notes paint a sense of chaos. Despite what this album holds for the listener, I feel that I do still have much to learn and hope to continuously improve myself as a composer, as I am still finding my way through the art of music.

Regardless of the fact that the piano is not my main instrument, it is without a doubt my favorite instrument. Every sense of emotion can be conveyed with the piano while supplying the composer with all the tools he needs to write each and every part of a composition. I would only hope that any actual pianist that hears this music accept these sounds as worthy for the instrument.

I am incredibly fortunate to have the family and friends that continuously support me through my endeavors. Without them, I would be lost. This album is not simply for myself, but is for them. Thank you.