• 48-Hour Film Project: New York 2014

    Hi all! I participated in the 48-Hour Film Project with James Ford-Hutchinson (director) and his crew under the group name “Thing One.” The film, “Westward Expansion,” is a comical Western that involves a traveling married couple looking for a new home. However, the land they claim they “found” is actually owned by an art gallery …

  • Spring (And So It Goes…)

    I posted a new song onto Soundcloud and Bandcamp. “Spring (And So It Goes…)” is about the passing of time and the people and events that have impacted your life both in positive and negative ways. As one chapter of your life closes, a new one begins. And so it goes…

  • Demo Reel (2014) is up!

    My demo reel for 2014 is up on Soundcloud. Give it a listen! Demo Reel (2014) by Eddie Marianukroh

  • Ben Cisco’s World of Music Review of The Mindloss EP

    The Mindloss EP has received a review from Ben Cisco’s World of Music. Please give it a read here: http://bencisco.com/wp/blog/2014/02/06/sleep-machine/